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Venezia - -

According to tradition Venice takes her name from the Latin "vieni etiam" (come back) to underline the wish of those who have seen it once, to want to come back again...

Verona - -

The city of lovers forever bound to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The city preserved her artistic heritage and romantic atmosphere to be felt while strolling through the thoroughfares of the historical centre. The Roman Amphitheater, known as the Arena is considered the largest open theatre in Italy and it is the first treasure met by visitors entering the city...

Treviso - -

Water is the most prominent feature of this city also called the in-land Venice. The River Sile feeds a web of canals and even smaller rivers that run throughout the city. Beautiful stately homes and porticoed palaces featuring frescoes on their façades are scattered along these canals. The frescoes were prepared through a particular technique called "della Marca".

Vicenza - -

Discover the city of Palladium through an itinerary, which reveals the soul of the elegant city of Vicenza, one of Unesco's World Heritage cities. The journey starts with a view from the summit of the hill of Monte Berico, which overlooks the city of Vicenza. It is a window on the city and on the mountains that were protagonists during the Great War. Now the hill is the home of the shrine of Our Lady of Monte Berico connected to the city below by a ramp lined with a series of arches dating from the XVIII century...